A Ah Sha Sa Ma Ha

Breathe in A
Breathe out Ah
Breathe in Sha
Breathe out Sa
Breathe in Ma
Breathe out Ha

This is the Breath of Brilliance


The syllable Ah points out the unborn nature of reality.
Ah is the non-conceptualization of unborn existence.
Since nothing is born, fearlessness is complete in the syllable Ah.
The secret of this Ah is primordial wisdom knowing that all things are not real and are free from birth.

Comment by Master e: The unstruck chord. Hear it within first. All this (waves hand to indicate all of life) is a projection – the natural essence is free spacelike knowing awareness – the inseperability of space, luminosity (knowingness) and creative potency and power – all of “life” is merely a projection like watching a movie on a screen and in that moment we can see the audience,  the screen, the light projecting the creative display, we see the story, feel the emotions, enjoy the ride and we enjoy the full spectrum experience of experience experiencing itself (which is no-self- vast expansive awareness and creative potency and power) and knowing that all of that is you and all of that is an illusion and that you are sunyata and luminosity wisdom – practicing presence – natural stillness – sheer potential like we ourselves are a mirror)

The syllable A shows non-abiding within the unobstructed meaning.
The syllable A appears from the state of unchanging emptiness.
Unobstructed freedom from concepts is complete in the syllable A.
The secret of this syllable A is the unobstructed nature arising from the unborn state.

Comment by Master e: Non attachment – release – softening and the knowing insight of dharmadhatu- ever present presence of every presence, every-when, no space in between, all moments and they interfuse and interinfluence everything else and knowing that this moment is a light and picture show we savour it. We feel the joy of it – the fullness – the power – the spectacle of it all. See how cool it is to be experience experiencing the experience of the unborn state even though there’s no one there to experience it but there still IS experience. Like awareness looking back at itself.

The syllable Ha shows the way the unborn appears.
This Ha shows that from the unobstructed state there is no mixing with birth at all.
Ha is the miraculous display from the expanse of awareness.
The secret of this Ha is the reversal of the expanse of primordial wisdom back into itself.

Comment by Master e: From the unborn state the primordial wind moves because of the lack of pure presence which is built right into the process (like the sport of the Buddha’s) unseen conditions since beginning-less time generates heat and creates images and form and light and sensations but in the midst of all that is that unmoving awareness but still allowing that experience to wash over you – this rides the outbreath and the in breath that suction force draws everything back into itself radiant expansive awareness that union of space and light. Inseparable. This is the basis of the Guru/teacher laughing and being at ease within the creative display of sheer perfection. And it is the power of that joy that bliss of intrinsic awareness that dances before you now with light and sensation and sound as the creative effulgence of your very own mind which is pure illuminating suchness. So we just dance and we sing and we laugh and we love and we cry and we shout. All experience, every feeling, thought, stomp, twist, hoot and holler, every movement, every rhythmn, every beat, every single thing is “it” which is “you” which is “isness”. Emptiness dances with itself. Samantabhadra watches Samantabhadri dance and shake and moan and move and loves it. That bliss awarenes is the very power and fuel and joy and glue of life. We release into it with joy and ease and grace and allowing. We are puppets on the strings of the melody of the unstruck chord within our hearts. So just put it all down with the outbreath Ha. Release it all – the pain, the love, whatever it is you’re holding onto thinking that it’s not it. Because everything is “it” – whatever it is – which is beyond the small mind – yo have to breakthrough your fixed notions and beliefs. Make the leap into ease and allowing with pure presence to the magnificen of it all. All of it is Samantabhadra – wisdom bliss awareness – ever present – ever always – non-moving movement – emanating all of space and time and you and me. Just rest. Be at ease. Atha. Now back around to A unstruck chord.

The syllable Sha shows liberation into the pure realms.
The syllable Sha is explained as the reversal of confusion.
All sounds and distinctions are complete in the syllable Sha.
The secret of this syllable Sha is that it liberates into the unborn expanse.

Comment by Master e: Sha in breath – like a dancer about to release into the dance – knowing well that they are a master THE master of dance and they are putting on a show – THE best show that they can and they release into it allowing it all to unfold with grace and ease and flow and allowing. that inbreath feeling before everything. The fullness and clarity and radiance of intrinsic awareness experiencing itself – like the peak moment – right at the top of the wave. Flow state.

If you do Sha outbreath this releases lets go of any subtle grasping still held hidden within the mindstream (karma) even though karma is illusory it still has property’s like gravitational force that enfolds anshrouds awareness within unawareness – space folding into space creating an infinite variety of experience and liberating themselves as one infinite beautiful being experiencing itself and losing itself in the experience of finding oneself like cosmic lovers like the two extremes of light and dark and subject object and realzing the ecstacy of finding each other again and enjoying each other)

The syllable Sa shows abiding within the unchanging ground.
The syllable Sa travels to the great ground of the Guru of primordial wisdom.
All grounds that are untraveled to are complete within the syllable Sa.
The secret of this syllable Sa is abiding in the state of the unchanging ground of spontaneous presence.

Comment by Master e: Outbreath release likened to the fullstop groundedness of groundednesses the complete immovability and power and resonance within the heart. the base from which everthing emanates and arises from as a dazzling light show like a mirage – like heat waves off of pavement – emanating vibrating out. The unwinding and the blazing fuel of awareness allowing it to shine. Releasing subtle grasping. Allowing awareness to take it right reign at brow chakra igniting crown.Hold the breath at the end and experience presence.

The syllable Ma is the treasure source of the nature of reality.
The state of the syllable Ma is uncontrived awareness.
The uncontrived ground of all is complete within the state of Ma.
The secret of this syllable Ma is realizing the meaning of secret mantra.

Realizing the meaning of the six syllables, you will be liberated in the great continuum of secret mantra.
Those who dwell in the meaning of the six syllables are in nirvana, the state beyond sorrow.The king of realizations is translated into these six syllables.

All secret mantras are complete in these six syllables.
Thus, the meaning of the six syllables has been proclaimed.

Comment by Master e: Ma in breath is the blazing brilliance and splendour and power arising and sparked from the heart of wisdom which illuminates the always present enlightened mind of non-abiding spacelike awareness hearing the unstruck chord – sheer luminosity total fullness and presence and knowingness and groundedness and stability – words cannot get to it but it speaks in and through all things.

When You Lose Presence

While doing this practice and writing these explanations “I” became lost in the beauty and briliiance of this and all of a sudden I was like, “Oh my God what about the final Ha. I haven’t explained that yet. But realized that I had. Then that realization is the realization of no realization that there was nothing to relealize and no one to realize it and we can just become so lost in the mind entangeled really in a prison of our own making – and realizing how crazy it is to hear all this but realizing that you’re realizing that you’re realizing that but there is no-one there to realize it aside the radiant space-like awareness – lluminating suchness – sheer perfect presence and why do we go soooooooo crazy about all of this when we can just have a good time – be kind and work together to create the craziest most beautful word an enlightened society and manifests the sheer potentiality of suchness and all it’s possibilities right here right now in the nirmanakaya realm even thought this moment right now is just a dream its the most important moment there is.

And now this just ridiculous
And you laugh like a crazy lunatic because all of this
I’m mean all of this
This life
This existence
Is just a dream
And we just need to chill the fuck out
And relax
And enjoy the show
I mean enjoy it
Really enjoy it
Savour the experience of experience experiencing experience
Experiencing and releasing fully into that like a full body orgasm
Of pure bliss/awareness
That is all the universes
Throughout space and time orgasming full body delirium
A Vibrating colour and light show
Of MahaVairocana Buddha experiencing itself
Throughout all of experience
And time
Every space of the universe is it experiencing it right this second
And it’s amazing
Like in that moment in that movie Despicable Me when the little girl gets the unicorn and she is soooooooo excited that she’s literally vibrating with excitement and every ounce of her is so full of joy that it comes bursting out of her in a fit of delight and she yels “It’s so fluffy!!!”
And she has that experience and she loves it sooooooo much
And its the best
And the most important
Most meaningful thing/being/experience whatsoever in the universe no matter who or what you are or what you’ve done
Radiant illuminating awareness as Samanthbhadra/ MahaVairocanna/The Guru/ Padmasambhava
That’s how they feel about you – because you are them realizing that
“I just love the fuck out of you”
Like a mother for a child, a teacher for their student and the reverse of that
And experiencing that from every experience possible and it’s sheer perfection
Like it’s bringing tears to my eyes kind of amazing
Like this is the most amazing thing to watch and be a part of and and direct and star in and create the set for
Like I can’t believe “I” did this and that “I” am experincing this right now in this very moment
Just sit back and enjoy the show
It’s beautiful
You experiencing you
Realizing that this is all a dream
And its awesome
And enjoy
And you’re teary eyed and wouldn’t change a thing because everything was needed and setup by you because you set this all up based on karma which is like a hologram but has properties
But is really just consciousness
Which is just clear light presence full body awareness
And its just this going astray through attachment because one has been swept off the throne of consciousness caught in a spiral of non-existent force and properties which bind consciousness even though there’s no one to bind and nothing to bind
And mind will never get it – only no mind can
Which is this present thought free moment of awareness
Where all experiences arise
Even though nothing really arises or disappears
So just stop trying to use mind
Because you’ll just be entangled and get lost (which is part of the sport of the Buddha’s so it’s perfect as well because all paths all practices every singe thing is suchness)
So just relax
And sit back and look
At what’s looking
So just relax

Hear the unstruck chord ah
Ring the bell of hum to experience and embody it all
Om to purify the body

To experience the present moment fully and savour experience experiencing experience

Ah (like total complete satisfaction)

Hum to release into that experience completely

Releasing into that and then into
Dedication of your life to the benefit of all beings
And doing your best to achieve that
In a kind lighthearted way
Powers the rainbow body
Which is the guru
Who has dedicated their life and energy and wishing the best for you and all beings
Is a blessing field
Radiating out with power and force
Pouring out to you
All you have to do is ask and open up and it comes rushing to you
In the

A ah sha sa ma ha


Then relax into ham sa
Ah ham breathing
So ham
However you hear the breath
Being breathed by the breath



Ringing of the bells

To manifest then is to have that john assaraf moment in the secret
And to do it with bodhicitta though

Wink wink

To release pain and karma do a ah sha sa ma ha breath
Breath of brilliance
Power light
Inner radiance and outer form
All sensations
Is just this breath
Burning chandali of awareness
Like fire
Burning as the energy of life
Flowing through and as this body

Actually i think this practice would be best breathing practice
Take anywhere and has biggest impact on all kayas of presencing
And it think this may be it

With a supplemental portable practice of
Really anything
But most effective
Would be
Aware of awareness
Nondual awareness practice
Hamsa energy practice
Koan to help get there
Or any of the paths as daytime dreaming practice

Because all of this is Vairocana
Experiencing Vairocanna
Realizing vairocanna brilliance
Within the space like nature and deep coolness of Samantabhadra

Who is medicine buddha

Who is padmasambhava
Who is your teacher
Teaching you right now
Whomever or whatever that may be
All of it is the guru
And the guru is you
Realizing emptiness
Which is the present moment awareness
Realizing itself
Realizing itself
Settling into nothing
Dissolving into nothingness
Which is everything
Which is


A ah sha sa ma ha

No mind




Burns karma
Heals body

Wink wink

Release into the breath

A ah sha sa ma ha

This practice is completely synced to the breath

Praise to Padmasambhava who led me to this practice

Which is the greatest

It can be called the light and sound and vibration and power insight and perfect and pinnacle and easiest practice
That leads to the no practice of presence


Ah unstruck

Do 108 per day
On crystal mala
With rainbow string

Complete surrender
Like Jesus
Like a lover in love
Like two lovers
Into deep radiant bliss and heat and awareness experiencing awareness as Trikaya
In the present moment

A pith practice
Is the golden lotus vitality practice
Of ham sa
And holding ball stance
Sitting on ball
Releasing into that

Like a one hundred thousand lotuses spinning over the body

A hundred thousand million vajras spinning

Or the vajra stance

Try a variation with breath retention on inhale and exhale

Even though this mantra is the same for everyone
It’s different for each of us
And never the same at any minute
Because the breath is never the same and changes based on a cagillion billion kabillion different unseen conditions
And demonstrates the sheer magnitude and infinite display of Suchness
The variety and variation of the creative effulgence and shear potentially of presence presencing and projecting itself in this present moment which is every moment throughout all times which is no time and no moment
Which is now

Atha koan practice

Or “What am I”
Or self inquiry

With heart

Om mani padme hum

A ah sha sa ma ha

Is what sparked and powers om mani padme hum

The Paramitas are it’s expression

The four immeasurables the bare essence

And is completely embodied in hum

And uses the inherent power of the vajra/bell Medicine Buddha to get to the root wound that has entangled this current life in the great forgetting

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