“I’m not sure how much longer she’s gonna be around for.”

That’s what she said to me and you could see the worry buried deep in her eyes.

But if you looked a little deeper you’d find love.

A resonant love that wanted to reach out and make a change.

A compassionate yearning that was driven by a deep want for someone else to be happy.

You see she wanted to do things to help her better love and understand her mother. To be able to bring some form of new life to their relationship.

It wasn’t that it needed saving. Far from that. But it wasn’t an easy stroll through the park on a lazy summer afternoon kind of relationship either.

They’ve had their struggles. They’ve been through their pain. Both of them taking turns holding and cracking the whip. Slashing red with their words and actions.

But that was then.


Now’s gonna be different. She’s gonna be different. It’s not about changing her mom. It’s about shifting herself. About discovering what will make this woman happy. Deciphering the code to unlock the wellspring of happiness that seems walled off and guarded from the world.

Maybe it’ll be a clean washroom. Maybe a kind ear. Maybe a silent night.

Who knows.

But that’s the hidden power that Thich is pointing to here.

That by channeling our inner Sherlock, and delving deep into the motivations and meanderings of another we can find out what makes them happy.

And once we’ve figured out how to do that for one person – a key is given us. One that’ll help us unlock the doors of happiness for everyone we meet.

Keep Being Buddhaful!


* This week’s mindfulness meditation is from Moments of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh.