Zen Master e (Ian Paul Marshall)Hi there…

Some of my students call me Zen Master e.

I was born Ian Paul Marshall (the Dharma name bestowed on me in the Ati Yoga/Mahamudra tradition is Karma Jangchub Oser which means Lightrays of Enlightened Mind and in the Zen tradition is Kum Lyun which means the Golden Dharma Wheel in the Yogic tradition it is Om Das which means servant of Om and in the Christian tradition it is James the devoted and just one and then the Goddess Dakini did me the greatest of kindnesses and stole my name from me and all that remained was bliss light).

I was initially initiated into the Buddhist Tantric path by the Dalai Lama and since then have explored the various aspects of the path via the guidance and kindness of, Lama Sonam Gyatso, Lama Ole Nydahl and my clear light Guru Padmasambhava.

Other teachers that I’m indebted to are Theodore Tsaousidis, Kulananda, Urgyen Sangharakshita, Lama Alan Wallace and Lama Mark Webber.

I have also trained with the Five Mountain Zen Order of whom I am eternally grateful for.

My good Karma has blessed me to be guided by Zen Master Hwasun Yangil Sunim whose compassion, wisdom and guidance are treasures of the greatest kind.

It was he that gave me Dharma Transmission in 2019.

It was also in 2019 that the Wisdom Dakini’s welcomed this fool – the best of the worst of us as one Lama called me and he was right. They set me a blaze and purified every atom of me, reducing me to a quivering field of flame and making me a nameless and naked servant of suchness.

I have found in my own life that a sincere heart that wants to help all beings be free from suffering is the greatest of all powers to propel you to awaken.

This sincere humble heart is open and vulnerable. It is sensitive to the world.

It is naive and gullible. When the Master says to the student “You are Buddha. Awaken. Awaken and free us all. ” the sincere student filled with great love for all beings dares to believe these crazy words of their beloved teacher.

And in that hope filled love for all beings springs forth their actualization of their true potential a power that their teacher sees in them and that in turn the student sees in all beings.

This characterizes my teaching style.

It is a path of heart. One that goes beyond knowledge to the embodiment of heartfelt heart-based wisdom.

I am non-traditional. Just look at me. I am a conundrum and controversy walking down the street all wrapped up in a humble and bumbling heart.

But don’t let the wrapper fool you my friends. (Yes this IS a quote from Star Wars the Last Jedi)

I don’t wear robes (unless it’s a special ceremony then we put on the big show).

I don’t have a shaved head.

I dance and sing.

I drink and make deep passionate attentive love to women.

I am fully immersed in life.

I’m in the heart and thick of it all.

Trying my best.

I am the one and only filthy dharmabhāṇaka who possess the six-syllable queen of mahāvidyās.

My teachers and the dakini’s saw something in me – God knows what. I’ve failed more than most of us. I’ve travelled down all the dark roads that a sentient being can make and take but still I found the Dharma (it’s all the Dharma) and somehow through my teachers love and belief in me I am here still doing my best.

And maybe that’s it.

That’s why I’ve had such good fortune in my life.

Because I’ve been through all that perfection so that I can truly and deeply know your own broken and squishy heart. Because it is my own too.

That I can sit with you without judgment. Just loving you and wanting the best for you. Holding in my heartmind the Buddha Vision of you.

Just as my teachers did for me.

Especially Zen Master Hwasun Yangil Sunim. That guy is the best and I can never repay him fully for his great love for me. All I can do is love you as he loves me.

And Padmasambhava – like wow how crazy is his love for us that he’s still showing us love to this day. Including the bounty of blessings that he has rained down upon me and still does unceasingly since I called his name that fateful day.

And the Dakini’s. I can’t even find the words for the reverence and awe I feel for you. Vajrayogini. Mandarava. Quan Yin. Chandali. You are the heartfire that blazes through me.

I love all of you sooooooooo much.

I love all of this life sooooooooo much.

I believe in you.

If I can do it. If I can change with all my issues and troubles so can you.

Awaken my dear awaken.

Don’t you know that you’re a Buddha and all this is a dream.

And like Maitreya said to me in a vision, “We all can dream such a beautiful dream together.”

So what do you say – ya wanna dream together?

I love you all.

May all of you only go straight, awaken moment to moment and free us all.

Zen Master e