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The Christian Mystic path is probably one of the most beautiful and life transforming paths out there. And one of the practices found in it is the chanting of certain phrases – Abwoon being one of them.

They say it’s significant when you “officially” enter into the mystery. That it marks the part that you’ll play.

For me it was Abwoon.

Was that the beginning or the end? It’s tough to say for sure because Abwoon is all of it.

When we chant Abwoon we help to unlock, unravel and melt into its mystery.

The mind doesn’t like mystery. Doesn’t like wandering. Doesn’t like to get lost.

But this is the thing – you’re never lost. It may feel like you’ve been found but it would be better to say that you – as a frozen moment of time – melted into it – like a river surrendering to the sea. Then you know for yourself that your riverness was not your complete form. You know for yourself the depth and breath and magnificence of the mystery for yourself.

To bind it with a single world like god is heresy and arrogance.

For Abwoon is the full moon in the night sky and the sun rising in the east.
It is oneness, it is flow.
It is being and beyond.
It is time and timelessness.
It is the watched, the watcher and the scene itself. Is the feeling made flesh.
It is the source of all power and the expression of that power.
It is the absolute.
A sea of dazzling light billowing throughout time.
It is the sound of a choir of angels and a child’s laugh. It is breath and breathlessness.
It is rhythm and flow and pulse and play.
It is both sound and echo and the ear that hears.
It is the interior of all things and the exterior of every moment.
Always moving though it itself is forever still.
It is the breath that fills your lungs and travels about the planet.
It is sound and vibration and meaning and gibberish.
Song and silence.
It is the unseen force that binds us, flows through us and all things.
It is the base beingness of every moment, every instance, every beginning and end.
It is that backdrop of everything.
It is energy and power in every form.
It is form and formlessness.

Abwoon is everything.

Abwoon is you.

And now after all this time I know Abwoon.

But this is not the end – this knowing.

Knowing becomes unknowing. Which become knowing. Which becomes unknowing. On and on and on…

And what is it that you think you know anyways?

And who is it that contemplates Abwoon if not Abwoon itself?

Oh the beauty of the mystery.

My heart fills with love and my eyes sting with its beauty.

A beauty that I truly got to know through his grace.

Through all our grace.

Those kindness’s that have been shown to me.

Even those not so kind things have all been love.

Love dancing with love, to the sways of love, to the songs of love and for the sake of love itself.

So sing my beloved sing.

Why do you fear to let forth the song that is written on your heart?

Present it to the mystery as your offering.

I know it will please the one that sent me.

For the one that sent me sent you too.

master e

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(this version of the mantra is chanted 33 times)