I prostrate to the self-arisen first Buddha, Changeless Light.

In the beginning,
Within the vast expanse of the mother of the ground of all,
When that ground was distinguished,
Sound, light, and rays resounded, appeared, and radiated in a self-arisen manner.

Since I, the original Buddha Samantabhadra,
Seizing my own state
Of the natural energy of awareness of the ground,
Recognized these to be myself,
I was not frightened by the sounds.
I was not terrified by the light.
I was not scared by the rays.

All dwelled as self-luminous awareness.

After that, the All-Creating Sovereign,
the mind of perfect purity,
absorbed into my mind and heart all appearances
so that they were blessed with my own being.

I then let the self-originated pristine awareness become lucid.

To endow all things with Reality,
I then dwelt as one in the void focus (bindu)
after I had united all things.

An Easy Practice

Radiant sphere of empty awareness
That which is beyond words
I, Samanthabhadra arose
With the world system
Realizing myself
I was filled with joy and ease
And I embraced all in the abode of my heart
Held myself with wise compassion, love and kindness
Sending blessings of every kind
To all beings
Whatever they may need
For the benefit of all

AH (at heart)

Resting in the radiance of resonant realization
Open loving awareness

Dharmadhatu of delight
Self-arising wisdom
The pure essence
Permeates and penetrates everything

All is perfect

All is me

The syllable of the unborn
That unstruck chord
That abides in the chest

Radiant sphere of changeless light
Self-arisen Adi-Buddha
I prostrate