Sometimes our lives feel like hell.

It may seem like we’re boxed in and trapped. Locked in a prison of and that place is filled with all kinds of horrors.

This is the scene we find Queen Vaidehi in as she cries out to the Buddha for help.

Her son Prince Ajatasatru seduced by the dark side of the force (in the form of Devadatta) had throw her and her husband the king into prison.

She prays to the Buddha for help,

“My only prayer, is this: O World Honoured One, could you preach to me in detail of all the places where there is no sorrow or trouble, and where I ought to go to be born anew. I am not satisfied with this world of depravities, with Jambudvipa which is full of hells, full of hungry ghosts (pretas), and of the brute creation. In this world of depravities there are many wicked communities. May I not hear, I pray, the voice of the wicked in the future; and may I not see any wicked person!”

In that moment the Buddha caused all the different Buddha Fields (Pure Lands) to appear and asked her to choose her favourite.

Vaidehi chose the Pure Land Sukhavati.

The Buddha then taught her a variety of meditations to help her be reborn there.

But what if we assumed that we could transform the world we’re in right now into a pure land? What if this could be Sukhavati?

How can we do that?

Here’s 8 easy to do meditations that the Buddha taught the Queen and that you can use right now to transform your life into a Buddha-Field:

  • Meditate and admire the setting sun;
  • Meditate on how the light of the sun (or moon) reflects on the water
  • Meditate on the earth
  • Meditate on the wondrous trees around you
  • Meditate on the sound of flowing waters
  • Imagine that everywhere you sit is a lotus throne
  • See everyone you meet as the forms of Amitabha(Amitayus), Quan Yin (Avalokiteshvara), Vajrapani
  • See yourself as the forms of Amitabha(Amitayus), Quan Yin (Avalokiteshvara), Vajrapani

This life, your life can be so Buddhaful. Sometimes all you have to do is look a little differently at things.