The Buddha saw clearly.

This clear seeing helped him with the direction of his life and then everything became easier because everything became anchored there in that clear seeing.

What gave him clear seeing? His burning wish to free all beings. Bodhicitta.

Bodhicitta burns away all distractions so you can see the true essence of all.

Bodhicitta is the beginning and end and the boundless expression of everything that you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and even think.

There is no “my bodhicitta” or “buddha’s bodhicitta” there is just the open hearted bursting forth of boundless beingness.

The clear light nature of mind.

When we rest in the clear light nature of mind then words are mantras, actions are effortless, and all the world preaches the dharma.

Gotama was getting better at seeing clearly. Maybe better than anyone he met until he met Mahakashyapa. When the Buddha looked at Mahakashyapa and Mahakashyapa looked at the Buddha – who was who?

When the Buddha still thought he wasn’t the Buddha he was getting better at resting in the essence of effortless enlightenment.

As he was seeing more and more clearly and his me-mind was getting quieter and quieter. This small me-me-me mind was melting. Then he could hear better what people were saying. He could hear the truth that resonated with his truth.

When Gotama was dissolving the Buddha within was hearing and in that place the Buddha was speaking to Gotama. So when Gotama heard the teachings from others the Buddha was shouting “YES” or “NO”.

This inner Buddha is in everyone. Calling to us.

When we’re starting to remember we need “YES” and “NO”.

We need strong rules – strong skillful means. This is why the precepts are so important. Why koan practice is so important. Why meditation is so important.

They help melt the small “i”.

When we believe in this small “i” we think our yes is more important than your yes. We think our no is more important than your no.

So Gotama when he was the prince was strong with yes and no. And his was the only yes or no next to the queen and the king.

His YES was a big YES. Everyone else had no yes or no no. They just followed. Not Gotama he only knew the feeling of BIG YES and BIG NO.

If you want the true knowing – the true yes and no – then there in that wisdom it takes the feeling that you’re the BIG YES. THE BIG NO. You need that confidence to believe your teacher when they say you’re a Buddha.

Somewhere you can feel that BIG YES and BIG NO already.

We need that confidence.

We need that faith.

An inner faith.

That we ARE the BIG YES and BIG NO.

We get comfortable there.

We act from that place. We speak from that place. We start to do everything from that place.

Then we drop yes and no.

Just vast openness. Boundless potential. Words can’t quite get at it.

The BIG KNOWING is all there is.

This big knowing is available always and in everyone.

It’s just covered over by the adventitious stains of karma.

The BIG YES is hard to hear because we feel so alone because the small yes feels small and powerless and is afraid and fearful and angry that he has to fight for everything.

But eventually the small yes and no get tired. Exhausted. Then the inner Buddha whispers because our guard is down that, “There’s another way.”

And then we go off trying to find this other way forgetting that the whisper of that wisdom came from within.

The quest is part of the hero’s journey.

We all must take it in our own way.

The quickest path is to have the good fortune of finding a good friend that has completed this quest for themselves.

And maybe at some point when we have done enough work and we feel we are worthy of the dragon scroll we finally look at the golden paper of destiny and see our own face staring back. (yes this IS a dragon warrior reference 😉

We were the Buddha the whole time.

Pretending that we weren’t.

That’s why Maitreya is leaning forward on his throne. He’s starting at you with bated breath knowing that at any moment you’ll realize that you’re the future Buddha.

And like a student of mine beautifully said,

“If we cling to and get caught up in searching for the “way” to become enlightened we will forever be searching and miss the truth that it, the Buddha potential, the Bodhicitta energy is within us all.

Also, Gotama’s ability to recognize that there is Dharma all around us, from every teacher, every student, every moment. We just have to awaken enough to see them and embody them.”

Rest in your big knowing.

Then you’ll see clearly like the Buddha did because you already are the clear light BIG KNOWING nature of mind.

So stop pretending otherwise.