Soulmates – Does Everyone Have One?

Everyone wants to feel love. We want to be in love and to know that we are loved by someone.

We dream about it. Sometimes secretly when we’re alone at night. Fantasizing about the perfect partner. A person who “gets” us.

But a lot of times finding your Soulmate can seem to be just out of reach.

And after months, maybe even years of searching for our Soulmate we get frustrated, jaded and depressed. And in our loneliness we start to ask ourselves, “Does everyone have a soulmate?”

Or even worse, we start to believe that there’s no one special out there in the world for us.

Richard Webster, the author of Soulmates: Understanding Relationships Across Time gave us this advice about whether or not everyone has a Soulmate, “I believe that there is a special person for everyone. The perfect person for you is either already with you, or is searching for you. The hard part is finding that special person. However you CAN do it. The two of you have been together countless times before.”

Sometimes it may seem that there’s no one out there for us. That we’re destined to be the “cat lady” whose only companions are her furry friends. But this type of thinking is really a chance for us to find out what’s really going on deep within our hearts and minds.

And it may be tough right now.
Depressing even.

But based on what I’ve seen in my life and in the lives of the people around me, there IS a Soulmate out there for each of us.

More than one actually.

The world is just too big.

There’s just too many people looking for love to believe that you’re destined to be single for the rest of your life.

It just seems statistically improbable.

That with all the people in the world, with everyone who’s buzzing around on facebook, to all the dating sites that are popping up, and all the singles mixers going on, and all the meetups happening all over the world right now, the chances of meeting your Soulmate seem to be better than ever.

Helen Fisher of Rutgers University and a world renowned expert on love  said we are indeed “wired to find love” and that finding your soulmate is not only possible, it’s inevitable.

It’s going to happen. Everyone DOES have a Soulmate. There’s hundreds of people floating around right now that could be “the one.”

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you have kids from a previous marriage, or if you’re going to the gym every other day. There IS someone out there in the world that would move mountains to be with you.

So stop thinking and asking yourself, “Does everyone have a Soulmate?”

And change that thought to, “I can’t wait to meet my Soulmate.”

When you’re ready the universe will conspire in your favor and draw them into your life. Until that happens get out there, have some fun, go on some dates, and trust that everything will happen when it happens.

And remember, your Soulmate is looking for you too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist

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Awesome, sweet read! I finished it in one day. Very cute story about the power of believing. Highly recommended if you need a boost to believing your husband/wife-to-be is out there looking for you too!

What a way to teach the steps to finding ones soulmate. Instead of listing the steps 1 -2 -3 -4, this author uses story telling. The story accents personal experiences of each character that leads one to endorse the steps, one at a time, through the experiences of each character and making them your own. This is what I call: teaching through ones own life.