If you want to fly then sit.

Go deep into your depths.

Melt into the moment.

Move with the movelessness.

Sink so you can soar.

Dive deep into the bedrock of your Buddhahood. Deep into your bliss.

That inner ground will be the launching pad for your potential.

There’s a confidence that comes from calmness. A surefootedness that whispers softly, re-writing your very¬† DNA saying, “Yes – it’s possible. You’re powerful.”

You become clothed in an unshakable spirit. And over time you realize that the deepness that you feel has been woven into every aspect of your life.

It shines light into dark places. Is a hand that pulls you up and is the arms that catch you if you fall.

So if you want to soar – sit.

Keep being Buddhaful.