Introductory Dharma Talk on the Four Immeasurables and Shamatha Meditation

Video of the Four Immeasurables Dharma Talk

We now start the new Awakened Heart Series of talks. These talks will gently guide us to open up and heal that tender heart of ours. We will be working toward the discovery of the Buddha’s Four Immeasurables or the Four Elements of True Love.

A first step though is to stop and to rest. So in the Dharma talk and meditation session we will look into the Meditative Practice of Calm Abiding.

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(Dana) Giving: The practice of giving is universally recognized as one of the most basic human virtues, a quality that testifies to the depth of one’s humanity and one’s capacity for self-transcendence. In the teaching of the Buddha, too, the practice of giving claims a place of special eminence, one which singles it out as being in a sense the foundation and seed of spiritual development.

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