“How I Practice the Meditation of Mahamudra” – By Jetsun Milarepa

“When I’m meditating on Mahamudra,

In the nature pf reality I rest without effort.

Without any distraction, I rest loosely.

In the state of emptiness, I rest with clarity.

In the state of bliss, I rest with awareness.

In non-conceptuality, I rest radiantly.

Within the variety, I rest in equipoise.

While resting in the nature of mind,

Many certainties dawn, unhindered.

Without any effort, self-luminous activity is accomplished.

Not wishing for results, I’m completely happy.

Free of hope and fear, I feel so joyful!

Confusion dawns as wisdom – what a delight!”

From the book: The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa – A new translation”, ISBN 978-1-55939=448-2