Sitting there in meditation, still and grounded, the isolated confines of my individual consciousness dissolved and the world became a trembling, vibrating ocean of suchness.

The aspect of the ocean that was me would appear like a energetic wave rising from the endless vast sea of energy and information.

This wave held patterns of information, preferences, habits, memories – all of which were labeled and designated as “Ian” but Ian did not exist.

The ocean in that spot became an Ian but there really, truly is no “Ian” there.

Ian was just a wave upon this ocean of bliss.

A vast expansive sea of potentialities.

A cosmic ocean of consciousness that is “us” and our “job” is to embrace the flow of the wave (our individual uniqueness – your gifts and talents, your quirks and crazy) while all the while knowing that you’re the ocean of infinite potential.

Pulsating with possibility.



Vast and expansive.

Beyond beginning and end.

Remember that your are this ocean of consciousness and in this brief moment of movement, that ocean is rising as you.

The idea that you are separate from this vast expanse is an illusion.

Let go and let flow your true potential.

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