Sit comfortably and relax your body. Relax your mind by letting go of or putting aside any other thoughts – of the past or future, people, activities, etc. Decide to keep your attention focused on the meditation for the duration of the session. Motivation When your mind is calm and settled in the present, generate a positive motivation for doing the meditation. For example, you can think: “May this meditation help bring about greater peace and happiness for all beings,” or: “May this meditation be a cause for me to become enlightened so that I can help all beings become free from suffering and become enlightened as well.”

Body of the meditation

Visualize a white OM in the center of your brain. Recognize that the OM is the pure energy of the divine body of the buddhas and bodhisattvas, or whoever you think is pure. Recite “OM” slowly for several minutes. While reciting it, visualize that white light radiates from the OM in your head and fills your body. All your conceptions and the impure energy of your body are cleansed and purified. (You can think of specific negative actions you have done— such as killing or harming another being, stealing, or unwise sexual behaviour—and feel that the imprints of these actions are completely purified.) Your entire body, from your feet up to the top of your head, is completely filled with radiant, blissful white energy. Really feel this… When you stop chanting “OM,” stay for a while in silence, and just be aware– not thinking anything is good or bad, not reacting, not making mental conversation. Just place all your attention on the light consciousness at the center of your brain. Be there. Be intensely aware and let go—without sluggishness, without distraction

Now visualize a red AH at your throat chakra. It looks similar to the sun when it is setting. Recognize that the AH is the pure speech energy of the buddhas and bodhisattvas. As you recite “AH” slowly for several minutes, visualize that red light radiates from the AH at your throat, and your entire body is embraced by this blissful radiating light energy. It purifies your speech. Purification means that the uncontrolled mind and speech work interdependently with each other.

Negativities of speech mean harming and giving pain to others through lying, slander, (harsh speech and gossip. You can imagine that the imprints of your negative actions of speech are completely purified by the blissful red light). Having a clean-clear mind and controlled speech is the way to purify impure and uncontrolled speech. After reciting AH for several minutes, let your mind just be in the state of intense awareness on your own consciousness. Stay there without any expectation or interpretation…. Comprehend your experience of the non-dual, non-self-existent I, nothingness, zero, empty space as truth, reality. This experience is much more real than your waking fantasy sensory world…. If an uncontrolled, distracted thought comes, remember that not only you, but all other sentient beings are in this situation, so cultivate much loving-kindness for others. Then, when loving-kindness arises, direct intense awareness of loving-kindness towards your own consciousness. So there are two things: place intense awareness on your own consciousness, and when distractions arise, (generate loving-kindness for all beings and then) direct intense awareness of loving-kindness to your consciousness. Alternate these two.

Next, visualize your loving-kindness energy manifesting at your heart chakra in the aspect of a full moon. Visualize at your heart, on a moon disc, a blue radiating HUM. Recognize that this is the non-duality wisdom of the buddhas and bodhisattvas’ energy. Your heart is pure, cool, and calm, opened by the radiating light of the moon and HUM. Infinite blue light radiates from the HUM, and fills your entire body. Your entire body feels blissful. All narrow thoughts disappear. All indecisive minds disappear. All obsessed minds disappear. Being embraced by the infinite blue light leaves no room for fanatical, dualistic concepts. Visualize this while reciting “HUM” slowly for a few minutes. After this, feel infinite blue light, like your consciousness, embracing the entire universal reality. Your intense awareness is embracing the entire universal reality. Feel and be, without any expectation or superstition. … We need two experiences: wisdom and method. Wisdom experience is intense awareness of your own conscious reality. This is the way of wisdom. Method is when you again become out of control, distracted. That distracted experience is a big resource to again generate loving-kindness. When there is no distraction, stay in the wisdom. So, two things: when there is no problem, place your attention on the wisdom aspect; when you’re distracted switch to a method which is loving-kindness. (Meditate like this for as long as you wish)

Conclude your meditation by dedicating the merit, or positive energy of doing the meditation, to all living beings: may it be the cause for all beings to be free of their suffering and its causes – uncontrolled disturbed states of mind – and may they all attain perfect peace and happiness.

OM AH HUM Purification Meditation From “Life, Death and After Death” by Lama Thubten Yeshe

If you feel a resonance with Padmasambhava or a particular teacher the variation of this OM AH HUM practice is to see the coloured lights and sounds emanating from that teacher and being projected into you in each area.

OM AH HUM Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche art done by the extremely talented Alex Grey. Please support his work by purchasing this postcard for your altar