Module 1: The Life of the Buddha

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The Life of the Buddha
In Module 1 we go back  some 2500+ years ago to where it all began and take a look into the life and times of the Buddha. We’ll be using the book entitled Buddha by Karen Armstrong as our guide (pls purchase this book as all the readings will be from it).

Many know the Buddha only from seeing countless serene, iconic images. But what of the man himself and the world he lived in? What did he actually do in his roughly eighty years on earth that spawned one of the greatest religions in world history? Armstrong tackles these questions and more by examining the life and times of the Buddha in this engrossing philosophical biography. Against the tumultuous cultural background of his world, she blends history, philosophy, mythology, and biography to create a compelling and illuminating portrait of a man whose awakening continues to inspire millions.

How Much is the Tuition for Module 1 of Dharma Teacher Training Program?

The Dharma Teacher Training Program is supported by Dana. What is Dana? Teachers give the Dharma freely so that anyone, no matter their financial means can attend classes. Each time one receives teachings, it is an opportunity to consciously practice generosity. Giving money and other means of support expresses gratitude and support to the teacher and helps to ensure that these teachings continue. Each person receiving Dharma teachings determines the kind and amount of Dāna according to one’s heart and one’s financial means. When deciding how much to offer, one should think about what these teachings mean to you and try to give accordingly. It is recommended that students make an offering of dāna at the beginning of a class or retreat to establish the intention to make the most of this opportunity for one’s own progression and for the benefit of all others.