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Quan Yin Sadhana

Quan Yin Healing Practice
Okay, so today we’re doing a special teaching, the Quan Yin Healing Practice.

So, but we need to go back a couple weeks. Couple weeks back.

So a couple weeks back, I was in meditation, and in meditation, I saw myself drawing sanskrit, siddham script, I saw myself drawing this like these letters. But it was weird, because I’m right handed. Right hand dominant. So I would see my right hand would do it and then my left hand would monkey through and try to do it as well.

But there was just like reverence and, like, focus and just complete just – That’s it. It was just the art.

And as I was watching this unfold I heard two words Nen Jyutsu

So I texted a Japanese friend of mine and I was like, “Hey, this is what happened, what do these words mean?” Because I figured they were Japanese, and she was like, “Oh, it’s tough. It’s tough to describe Nen.”

And she was like, “That sort of means, it means like hope, prayer. And, and the other one means art, technique.”

And I was like, “Come on!” And she was like, “Yep”

I was like this is what was going on right – craziness, right.

So I was like, Oh, that’s awesome. Right. And so I started to – I have a little notebook at home that was just given to me, so I started, I’m dedicating it to just Dharma and stuff like this right – so I started to just practice doing the HRIH (Siddham seed syllable). Right. This, siddham script. So if you would like, open the book I look like a crazy person because there’s like hundreds of all different sizes and styles and everything like this right.

And then I was like, Okay,

Then the sort of next evolution was this one. Right. With the heart around it. Right. And then I was like, but, “Let’s try what I saw.” This and this (drawing with the right and left hands).

So, so I did that right – so the black is my right and the color is my left.

This one underneath this, I got all the colors in my house. Every single color. And I put them in there, that’s like, that was like the final, final one. Right.

HRIH Seed Syllable Siddham Script

So I started to practice this.

Okay. Doing this Nen Jyutsu – Art Prayer.

Right. So then I took it to the next level, then – I was like, HRIH right. So then I would imagine that this (HRIH siddham script) I would imagine that this was in my heart but smaller right in my heart, facing this way (outward). Right. And then I would hear HRIH. Okay. All right.

We have that backstory. Right. Okay.

So, last week, Chris says something that I’m gonna do some extra prayers and meditation for Chris. Right. So I’m at hanging out with my teacher, right, doing meditation. Right. But I’m doing meditation for Chris. Right, so I’m doing meditation for Chris.

And then it starts out right I’m doing. So even on like that first page you see it like in the preparatory practices OM AH HUM

So I’m doing this OM AH HUM practice for Chris and, like, in each area, right,


OM is at your crown your brow your head. (White light)

AH is your throat. (Red light)

HUM Is your heart. (Blue light)

So in each one right so Chris was in front of me. Right. In my mind, but he was there. Right. And so we say we’re doing.

So whatever was ailing Chris would be pulling into me.

And then he would get the blessings right.

And we just kept doing right we kept doing this. Right,

We kept doing.

It’s like a variation of Guru yoga, right, a variation of it.

And it sort of just spontaneously arose. I thought about – I sat down to meditate. Right. I thought about Chris and then this thing started to happen, right.

Okay, let me rewind a little bit even more further.

So, on Thursdays how that night is usually (structured) is Zen tea, meditation, walking meditation, Dharma talk, meditation,

So, during the walking meditation – we’re doing walking meditation and I hear this sound coming from my heart (S)EH.

My life is messed up. Right, so I just go with it. No problem, just got this sound coming from my heart. That’s cool. And I’m just doing a walking meditation I’m not clinging to it not doing anything to – it is what it is. Right.

So then I say, and then I would, I start thinking about Chris, right. And I think about, right, so we’re doing, I’m doing this OM AH HUM, practice for Chris. Right.

And then it gets to like a sticky part here in the throat area. Right. So like, so I pull in. right, and transform that with HUM.

And then that automatically starts switches into this, this HRIH, practice at my heart.

So I see the HRIH siddham script at my heart. Right.

And then I hear it there. Right. And it sort of like stops everything, right, like, you know  when it’s like windy windy windy and the wind just stops and…

And this is what happened,

Right, like everything.

And then all of a sudden, it was like everything folded back in this like light came emanating out and still would like. And then it just kept getting brighter and brighter so like it dissolved everything.

And then HRIH stopped.

And then (S)EH came out.

We’ll just keep going. See what happens here

is this coming out of that sort of like the sort of top like you know how you have a heart – now imagine your hearts got a flame or a crown.

Yeah, a crown on it, right.

EH (emanating and resonating from that spot)

A blinding white light that just dissolves everything. And I can still hear it. And then all of a sudden as if like you know when you’re flying an airplane, and you go through the cloud patch and the clouds start to get thinner and then you could start to see.

Yeah, so the clouds. The white light is still a thing. I still hear this EH, right. But then the white light starts to soften like clouds. And then I could see I enter into, there’s this land.

Right. and I’m like, floating into this land as if like I’m riding on a dragon or floating on air on the back of the dove or something like right.

And I see right over, over here on the right, it’s a mountain. A forest. There’s – there’s like you ever see those Japanese pagodas? Like a big one – seven story and there’s this giant like it was weird like it was like a moon.

But it was like this light that was so different – different than anything I’ve ever seen.

Down here at the – at the foot of the mountain down at the base was like a healing pool and the moves reflected in the pool. Right.

And then, beside that was like you know hot springs. And then there was like a trail leading up to the pagoda.

And then in that – spotted speckled all throughout the forest you could see little cabins with like cabin lights on that I knew was like, people were there.

And then so like I end up- I end up like at the foot of the path – And I knew I needed to go to the temple. I needed to go to the pagoda. I knew, I knew I had to.

And as right when I’m just about to take that first step. Just right in front of me is Quan Yin.

And it just like I just stopped – everything in my world stopped – stopped, and she’s just looking at me – my mind transfixed upon her right like man I can’t speak I can’t do anything like, just like ah you know – like it just total peace and ease.

Total peace and she smiles.

Quan Yin – she’s usually got a couple like symbols that she’s usually holding like a lotus flower.

But she’s just holding this jar. Right. And she smiles. Right. And then she just like reaches out. She just starts to pour the contents from the jar on the top of my head.

And it’s just pouring down, pouring down like healing nectar pouring down.

It’s like piling up. Not like it was piling up but like it needs to fill in (the crown chakra).

And then finally something, and then it went down through the central channel.

And then you know how we talk about the dantien – the cauldron. And it went all the way down and hit here (the dantien – the cauldron). Right.

And then I can hear like it was like hitting like chimes down here (at the dantien) and filling up.

I could feel my whole body just electric and alive but at ease and release all at the same time.

You know?

And then it just started to swirl – swirl – swirl. (Spiraling)

At this point I’d like Quan Yin is gone because I’m no longer like after it had cracked through the crown, because I was like inside just within the sensation and the feeling of it right swirling swirling swirling swirling swirling swirling swirling up and up and up and up.

Comes up – fills up my whole body up to the tip of my head (at the fontanelle the crown), to the tip of my crown, and then it like pops through the top, and then starts to pour down, pouring down like bliss, like, but a different kind of bliss, like a bliss of release.

Like you know when you give a heavy burden.

Oh my god, it was amazing.

And then like, I guess like I was surrounded – Like, it fell all over.

And I guess Quan Yin was like, “OK you look like you’re good.”

And she took a hairpin and now I can see her again, and she took this hairpin out and in the spot where there was a hole in my crown, almost like a topper like a stopper she put the hairpin in my crown to seal in, the healing Amrita the healing nectar.

And as she’s like, removing her hand I could see the top of it, and I hear this like “ching”.

And right at that moment, you hear – in the Zen tradition, they have these slappers Right, right, right. She just finishes “ching” and then, my teacher he’s like (smack smack smack) and that signifies the end of meditation.

And I was like,

Thank you. Thank you, Chris.

And it’s interesting is because like Avalokitesvara – when we think of Avalokitesvara as a Bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokitesvara is busy man. He’s out there, he’s traveling from world system, to world system, to world system, to world system.

Quan Yin – she’s the Bodhisattva of compassion as well, but different.

Of release. Of healing. Of taking the time.

And I knew like the speckled cabins were filled with Bodhisattvas that needed reprieve – that needed help and healing. Like everything about – it was just like an oasis of healing, you know, and just everything like just seeing it.

Just seeing it, right, that land that space, whatever you want to call it, just like brought ease and peace.

So it was like a winding process to get to here – that was triggered by you (looks toward Chris).

So thank you

Yeah, so that’s the backstory that led up to this coming up.

I always sit down to meditate – may I be of benefit to all beings.

Whatever, man, I don’t care. Whatever.

That day was that, and not to say I was worried about Chris but I was like oh I have this opportunity – Chris can mind – gave him some extra juice.

And like, and then this came out from it. So for whatever Chris was going through

That’s the thing – a lot of times we don’t see that our, our struggle is not only for our benefit. But for the benefit of others.

And that inevitably, whatever, whatever pain or process that you’re going through is going to be a wisdom, and probably a wisdom that you’re going to share somewhere to help benefit and help ease the pain and hurt of someone else.

As you say, “I see you. I am you. I know, I know, I know, I know what you’re going through.

And that from our pain, comes purpose comes helpfulness – healing, wisdom, insight, compassion.

As well, right, whatever struggles in our life has probably softened us. Broken our heart open somehow.
And this, this softness is the energy of Quan Yin.

That loving tenderness.

Avalokitesvara he’s strong.He’s tough. He goes to places that nobody aside from like Ji Jang Bosal wants to go to.

He goes to the places that people are scared of. Places that people have given up hope. There’s no way to save those people, those beings, that realm.

Avalokitesvara is like, “Of course there is.”

And he goes.

Kwan Yin, and that’s the crazy part right.

I knew I had to go – where the central power was – was up the hill in the pagoda.

But, Quan Yin didn’t wait for me to get there.

She met me wherever I was. Wherever I was. It didn’t matter.

Yeah, yeah, there’s the formal healing temple there.

But here he is, he’s hurting his right. BOOM! Before I was even able to take – right when I knew I had to go there, she was there for me, for you.

And it didn’t matter – it didn’t care.

He didn’t have to do 100,000 prostrations. Nothing. He just needed to open it up.

That she sees you and she knows what you’re struggling with. And what you’re going through and what you’re holding and that was the big thing. Right. That was the big, that was one of the biggest feelings, was to just be able to, you know, we talked about it just to put it down.

Was the relief.

Because we put up a big front.

We’re tough. We got this. I’ve been through this before. Right.

Quan Yin she sees through that facade.

She knows – you’re hurting baby c’mon. You’re hurting. She knows that you’re gonna put up a fight. Whatever it is. Make excuses – say that you’re fine.

She knows better because she can see through you.

She meets you wherever you are. Wherever you are.

So this is the backstory, how this practice came about. How this practice came about.

So the first part, right, the preparatory practices. Yeah, you can do these. These are good, right, you can do this right. (referring to the Quan Yin Healing Practice Booklet)

We did OM MANI PADME HUM home chanting today (insert deva premal chanting)

It’s one of my favorite things to do,

Especially because we’re lay practitioners, especially with Bodhisattva action, right.

I resonate a lot with both Quan Yin, and Avalokitesvara.

So this is a big meaningful mantra for me.

It gets me in the feels. You know that sentient beings are suffering, everywhere, you know, and we can do something to help. From our prayers to our actions to our words to our deeds.

There’s so many things on an everyday, everyday that we can do – to just ease the suffering, Bring joy. Bring peace. Even if it’s bring – bring a bowl of soup. Yeah.

So, OM MANI PADME HUM that’s great.

Refuge and Bodhicitta – yeah you gotta do that.

Go for refuge.

Bodhicitta – for the benefit of all beings.

So even like – so this short one. The short Quan Yin healing practice.

You hear the seed syllable SEH in your heart. And it sort of resonates at the top. And it’s interesting – it’s almost like – HRIH – if you follow HRIH through it like, it’s almost like it squishes the air out of you. And SEH gets that last little bit that stuck in there. That release.

So hear the seed syllable of Quan Yin at your heart.
See the beautiful Quan Yin before you.
She smiles.
She knows you’re hurting. You don’t even have to say I’m hurting.
If you’re doing this practice – she knows – and you know that you need it.

She smiles and pours her healing Amrita down upon you.
And it soothes and heals you.
And she seals in this healing with her sacred hairpin from her hair.
And you bow with thanks and reverence and dedicate yourself to bringing benefit to all beings. And you seal it with OM MANI PADME HUM.

Almost every day, since it came through I’ve been doing the short version of the practice and allowing it to take its time. However long it takes to get up to here. And for me, on average, it’s been a 10 minute practice. 10 to 11 minute practice. But tremendous benefit. Tremendous benefit.

Guru yoga – OM AH HUM. Not everybody resonates with this practice. I think it’s a crazy beneficial practice, but it’s there. Right.

The short, the short practice is awesome.

The full practice – Remember I just told you that story. Right. So now you have that feeling, right, you have that memory seed, right. So, even like because we’re gonna, I’m gonna say this whole practice right for the podcast. So you can listen to it for the whole thing.

So I’m going to do that right now. So how about you guys just take it easy. Go into meditation.

Oh, you hear this in the background.

Oh 8:22 make a wish.

So this (in the background) is from Jonathan Goldman’s chakra chants. Yeah, So this is – so it turns out to be chakra number six, the vibrational tonal sound that he says EH.

So, when I’m doing a longer version of this practice I put this on in the background. Right, because this (S)EH. You don’t say it. You hear it – intoned – within you.


Whatever your sound is right. This one’s good. And this one’s good too because they have like an undertone of HRIH. So it’s almost like you get both worlds. So I like this, as a like a background. Yeah it’s good.

Okay. Ready, sit comfortably.

Student: Should you have that EH throughout the whole practice?

Zen master e: So, for me, it sort of sticks. It’s harder to stick around in the full (practice). That’s why the short one’s really good (the short practice) because it just gets right into.

Like you already know, as you’re prepping for the practice so you already, right, like you’re entering into that realm. So that feeling tone automatically starts to get activated of like ease and putting it down right.

If you like that HRIH practice,because that was like, almost like that gateway for it because HRIH stopped everything.And then just, just light that overwhelmed and then within that light was (EH) and that just kept going. And that reverberation of light and resonance emanating from this heart spot.

EH (like say)

Quan Yin Healing Practice
Okay, let’s just jump right into that EH part.

Hear that EH within your heart.

Feeling that vibration.


In Sukhavati there is the heavenly healing abode of Quan Yin

This realm is surrounded by a soft healing light of white.
Emanating pure radiance

On a high plateau at the side of a mountain
Is the peaceful and tranquil healing gardens of the Great Mother Quan Yin

Peace is bestowed at the mere thought of this land and the Bodhisattva Quan Yin

All things are perfect and at ease there
And everything you need to heal and fulfill your Bodhisattva Vows are found there

The sensation is like that of the soft soothing touch of the finest silk genty moving across your skin

There in the distance is a seven story pagoda toward the back of the property
And at the foot of the pagoda, and speckled throughout the dense forest are tiny cabins for weary Bodhisattvas to rest.

There is a lake that reflects the soft light of the full moon in it’s still waters
And there are hot springs below the cabins that are filled with the healing Amrita that is continually replenished from the heart song EH that flows forth from Quan Yin and is poured out from the jar that she holds in her hand.

You enter into this land as if flown to this realm on the back of a giant dragon (or dove) and are dropped off at the foot of the path that leads up to Quan Yin’s pagoda.

You look up toward that pagoda at the top of the hill and start to make your way there.

But in an instant Quan Yin is standing before you.
Her beauty transfixes your mind
Her white golden robes flow all around her though you feel no wind

She sees you
She feels your pain and struggle
And she smiles gently and compassionately upon you

You can feel whatever ails you begin to soften and fade
A great ease and peace comes upon you

Right there where you stand she begins to heal you

She lifts the jar that she holds in her hands
And you hear a sound in your mind – the seed syllable (S)EH
And the healing Amrita flows from the jar
Pouring onto and into your crown chakra
You feel that sensation
Your feel so much peace and release that you surrender to it
You accept it
It’s like coming home after the longest of journeys
And you release into it

The healing Amrita pours through your crown chakra
And now down your central channel
It begins to pool and collect at your sacral chakra (the dantien, the cauldron spot)

And you still hear (S)EH

That Amrita is flowing down
It’s pooling and collecting there at your sacral chakra

After some time it begins to overflow its healing radiance
Golden white light
Filling your body with its rays and vibration
From the base swirling up and up and up throughout the body


Until it reaches your crown spot again
And then it overflows from your crown
Pouring out all over your whole body
That healing nectar

And you feel it travelling down your skin


The Beautiful and Compassionate Quan Yin
Takes one of her hair pins from her hair
Seeing that the healing has reached its climax
That you are full
She takes her hairpin
And pierces your crown with it
Sealing in this healing
At the top of this pin is Amithaba Buddha smiling

You bow with thanks and reverence

And there’s an upswelling from your heart
A vow to offer your life to be of service to all beings

The Bodhisattva Goddess Quan Yin smiles upon you
And knows you will do your best
And looks upon you with a loving and compassionate gaze that says
That she will always be there for you


Take a deep breath in through the nose and breath out through the mouth.