Radiant Jewel Samadhi – Unlocked by Koan

Chitta Mani Rupam

Citta: Consciousness

Mani: Jewel, radiant, precious,

Rupam: Show, way, loveliness, play

When you feel you have fallen off the ledge of life

and are tumbling toward the hell realms

As if your life depended on it

Grab the koan

Like you would grab onto a branch

And hold that branch with all your might

There are many but my favourite is Atha (now/blessings).

Grab hold of your koan with all your might.

As if your life depends on it because it does

Then, It will be as if a golden platform of light will emerge in your mind protecting you and keeping you safe (The golden lotus emerges)

Open clear skies



Unhindered openness



You dance through universes

Sights and sounds beyond measure

Flow freely

All things have been freed

Sahaja takes you over

You become a koan master

Strong and free

Ready for anything

And now you hear the cries from below (even though there is no longer above or below)

Was that your mothers voice?

You fathers voice?

Your childs?

You friends?

Your lovers?

From this place you know that all this realm is under your care

Under your protection

So you raise the koan high

Look over the edge of existence and non-existence

And dive head first into realm after realm

To free them all

“For the benefit of all.”