To say that you are a practitioner is to miss the mark

What is there to practice if you nodded yes when the teacher talked about intrinsic buddha nature.

To say there is practice says that there is a practitioner that is on a quest to some distant goal that they some day hope to achieve.

Collapse that distance and trust your teacher, your good friend, when they say that it is already accomplished.

Right here.

Right now.


If you were to to pour your energy into doing nothing but embodying that then all this talk and these words will be the most precious of treasures.

For they would have given you the key to universal wealth.

Does the king or queen doubt their king or queeness?

So why are you doubting your own intrinsic Buddhaness.

Shhhhhhh my dear.

Right here.

Right now.


And in a flash you’ll see that you’ve been sitting upon the dharma throne the whole the time.

Here’s what Padmasambhava said to the King,

The king asked the master: How does one “gain the unchanging confidence of fruition”?

The master replied: Listen to this, Your Majesty!

The awakened mind of bodhichitta is not created through causes nor destroyed through circumstances.

It is not made by ingenious buddhas nor manufactured by clever sentient beings.

It is originally present in you as your natural possession.

When you recognize it through your master’s oral instructions, since mind is the forefather of the buddhas, it is like the analogy of recognizing someone you already know.

All the buddhas of the three times awaken to enlightenment in the continuity of actualizing this after attaining stability, just like the analogy of a prince ascending to the throne.

To awaken to what is spontaneously present from the beginning, free from fear and intimidation, is called “possessing the confidence of fruition.”

Padmasambhava – Advice From the Lotus Born. – Rangjung Yeshe Publications.