.. “Dear friends,

Withdraw the mind from the senses
and fix it in meditation. Control the thought-current. Find out the thought-center and fix yourself there.
Then you will be conscious of the Divine Self; you will see it dancing in ecstasy. Live in that Delight. That Delight plus Consciousness is the God in you.

He is in every heart. You need not go anywhere to find Him.
Find your own core and feel Him there. Peace, bliss, felicity, and health are all in you. Trust in the Divine in you.
Entrust yourself to His grace.

Be as you are. Off with past impressions!
He who lives from within, an in-gathered soul and life, is a real Sage, though he may be a householder.
He who allows his mind to wander with the senses is an ignoramus, though he be learned.

See as a witness, without the burden of seeing.
See the world just as you see a drama. See without attachment. Look within. Look at the inner light, unshaken by mental impressions.

Then, floods of conscious bliss shall come pouring in and around you from all directions. This is the supreme Knowledge. Realize!

Aum Aum!”

These were the last instruction of Thayumanavar to his disciples in 1742.

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