A young man nervously approached the Master…

He had been coming to hear the teacher speak for weeks now, hoping to find solace and ultimately an answer to what had been plaguing him.

After waiting patiently he finally had his chance to ask the Master a question, “Wise one, my mind is in a knot, my sleep is restless and my emotions are a sea of chaos. What should I do?”

The Master reached for a glass of water that rested on a table beside him. He bent forward from his chair and gathered into his hand a palmful of dust and dropped it into the glass.

He motioned the man forward and said, “Look into this cup and tell me what you see.”

The man answered him, “The water has become cloudy.”

“Your mind is the same young man. But watch and see what happens when I place this glass on this table for a short while.”

After a brief period of time he asked the man to look inside the glass, “Tell me what you see now young man?”

“The water has become clear and the dust has settled to the bottom of the glass.”

And the the Master looked deeply into the mans eyes and said, “So too is it the way with the mind. If we become quiet for but a moment everything is revealed to be clear and still.”