The Ah Mantra

The perfected Buddhas rise from A (AH).
This A is the most sublime of all the letters.
The A can conquer all samsaric and nirvanic states.
The A is like the mother giving birth to everything.
The A is like the father all-creating; magical.
The A is tantras of the Ati Yoga.
The A is the tantras of the Chitri Yoga.
Arising from within, the A is non-arising.
The A is ultimate of every utterance.
Self-existing, A transcends arising.
Knowing one, the A can liberate in everything.
Everything without exception is perfected in the A.
Nothing in itself, the self-existing A appears in every way. Samsara, nirvana, and the path are all mastered in the A.

~ From Equalizing of Buddahood (Sangye Nyamjor
a terma treasure revealed by Guru Chöwang

[From Wellsprings of the Great Perfection: Lives and Insights of the Early Dzogchen Masters]

May you only go straight, achieve enlightenment and free us all.

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