A Modern Translation of the Cloud of Unknowing!
Below you’ll find my modern translation of the the ancient Christian Mystical Meditation manual entitled The Cloud of Unknowing. As I finish translating new sections of the Cloud I’ll post them here.


This is the start of a book on meditation called, “The Cloud of Unknowing” in which a soul is “oned” with God.

Here begins the Prayer and the Prologue

The Prayer

God, unto Whom all hearts are open,
and unto Whom all desires call out,
and unto whom no secret thing is hidden,
I call out to you to cleanse and purify the intention of my heart
with the unspeakable gift of your grace
so that I may completely love you,
and continually praise you.



In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

I call out to you and entrust to you, with as much power and virtue as the bonds of compassion will allow, whatsoever thou ultimately be…

That this book be only discovered by those that have a pure, perfect, holy intent.
By those who are perfect followers of Christ,
Not only by those who outwardly embody this actively in their lives with thoughts, words and deeds,
But for those who seek the highest, the ultimate, the absolute, the pinnacle,
A deep way of meditative living,
Of which is possible by grace,
Which is ever flowing and available right now
In this present moment,
In this present life
In this very body.

A Blessing of Time and Understanding

I call out to you, entrust to you and ask you by the power of your compassion to allow that person who may read this, write it, or speak it – or else hear it be read or spoken, that you give them the time they need to read it, speak it, write it or hear it from start to end.

Just in case there is something in this book, maybe in the beginning or the middle or in the end, some question hanging, some concept not understood, that would be answered in the next chapter or section and else in the end. So I pray that in your compassion you will give them the time that is needed to fully read and understand this book.

This Book Isn’t Meant for Everyone
I never wrote this book for everyone. And there are many people I hope would never find this book. Those people who are caught up in trifling mundane ways, those gossipers and criticizers, even those scholars and ones of higher education.

These people would never really understand the path of contemplation and meditative oneness with God.

This book is for those individuals that feel called by the spirit of God, as if by grace. For those people, contemplatives, those of you on an inner journey but not looking to run from the world in isolation, but for those who want to perceive the highest insight of the contemplation path and then be greatly comforted by that experience.

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