The great light of illumination by zen master e

In the sky light expanse of mind
You blaze with splendour and light
Soft easeful wisdom emanating infinite blessings
Giving rise
To all the vehicles and teachings
So that all beings may come here
To this timeless moment
And realize they have never left
We all sing the praises
Of the one light
Infinite expanse which is the very nature of who you are right now

Just resting here in the radiance
And all things are accomplished
Every wisdom perfected
Every sound
Every image
Every sensation
Is it
Leads to it
And was never separated from it
And knows the great itlessness of the vast expanse
Of the radiant unhindered mind of perfect awakening that is the core of who you are
Right now

Drop right
Drop now

Just rest
Let go the small concept of a you
That needs to struggle
And fight
And practice hard

The sun shines
And the crystalized ice becomes radiant diamonds
That melt into the true nature of mind
The diamond mind of blazing awareness
Without you having to do anything

If you feel the subtle grasping of activity then chew the koan and practice the breath of brilliance
Until you can release into the radiance
Of the inner light and expanse of mind

This light is the birther of sun and moon
Of day and night
Of rythmn and dance
Of all you “see” and “hear” and “smell” and “touch” and “taste”

All experience is the great light
Blazing brilliance

This is the subtle teaching that the Buddha of this time Shakyamuni whispered to us throughout timeless time when he said that it is ”Consciousness without feature, without end, luminous all around.”

Rest in the great mirror light that all masters pass on from generation to generation

The crystal drop of the empty bindu of mind
Into the great seamlessness which is beyond oneness

Names cannot get at it
Concepts cannot describe it
But it is known and transmitted in all times

The Buddha is still shining it for us now

And it is why he said upon awakening “How amazing that sentient beings already posses the light of awakening but do not know it.”

And his heart moved him from the tree of wisdom to share the light of mind
To teach us all the 84000 teachings
Medicine perfect for each of us
So that we could finally see we are perfect perfection
Abiding in every moment
And no matter what
The light of awareness
Loves you

And all teachings teachers and retinue
Are it’s creative effulgence
To bring you home to the light of your present radiant expansive awareness
That’s present right now

Sheer presence
A present a gift of incomparabble price
A wishfulfilling jewel the mani pearl
That we already posses

This light
Is the union of sun and moon
Sun and moon radiance
Encircle the mirror like brilliance of mind
Proclaiming its beauty in all that they do
Making manifest
The unmanifest
That makes a beggar of all words
And just leads to praise


This is the all power the egyptians praised
This is the word of god that the jewish faith held secret and sacred
This is the source that jesus called father
This is the birther that that tribes call mother
This is the silent sound that all musicians here
That all bhaktis feel
That all knowledge holders reveal
That all healers tap into
The all power
The undying source of all
The bliss love ambrosia of shiva and shakti
The reason why shakti dances
The power that fixes shivas gaze


Is this light

Which is your very mind
Right now
Resting in this effortless state of ease and wonder and joy and gratitude and compassion

It is the power of Bodhicitta
That is hidden in the heart of everything

It is the gurus grace
The power of blessings
The motherly/fatherly love that they have for you
Ever ready to give you everything you need
Just ask and receive

It is the deep resolve of bringing blessings to all beings
Like the light of the sun shines
And nutures
And heals
And holds
And guides
And clothes

Worthy of praise

Radiant light of mind
I praise you

Children of light
Rest at ease

Limp like a snake
Being lifted
In the light grasp
Of the golden rainbow bird
The falcon
That soars high
With effortless ease
Riding the winds
With ease
And grace
And wisdom
And splendour

All things are done for you

Just abide in the great light
Of awareness

This is the highest praise
And greatest “practice”

You then reflect that light to others

You don’t have to do anything
Yet it all gets done
And there’s nothing to do