Faith in ourselves.. Every living being has Buddha Nature, that is the potential to become a Buddha.We’re not Buddha’s yet because we haven’t discovered our own Buddha Nature.

We must have faith that this Buddha Nature is within us. That we can discover it. That the potential is there for us to find. That by cultivating it, but nurturing it, this potential will be revealed.

We must believe in our own latent capacity. We must believe that we can change. We must believe that there is a possibility for us to live our lives in a different way. A way that the Buddha embodied. A way that is based on wisdom and compassion. A way that sees clearly the way things actually are.

Great Doubt (Curiosity)
Zen is scientific. It encourages us to investigate and be curious about ourselves and life. To not take anything at face value. To penetrate the truths that you hear and read so that you can experience them for yourself.

Teacher and teachings are merely fingers pointing to the moon. We must experience the beauty, radiance and coolness for ourselves.

Life can be busy. There’s deadlines at work, bills to pay, meals to cook, loved ones to care for etc. We must be resolute in our determination to practice within the busy-ness of life.  And we must see that all of our life is an opportunity for practice.

Practice doesn’t only happen on the cushion or while listening to a Dharma talk. It happens all the time. Stuck in traffic, ordering coffee, making dinner, having a conversation with a loved one. All of life is practice. All of our life can be infused with wisdom, awareness and compassion.

Do not get caught up with immediate results or lack-there-of. Just keep practicing. Keep letting your potential unfold. If you have a new level of realization, it’s no big deal, keep practicing. Stuck in your old habitual patterns? Keep practicing.