My Visionary Experience with Yeshua/Jesus


Before we get into the actual Vision I had of Master Yeshua (Jesus) and what he told me to do I guess it would be good to give you a little background as to the events leading up to that fateful day.

Without them the experience I had would have never occurred.

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and I was in a private session with a client. I was teaching her how to meditate.

Knowing that she was Catholic I thought it would be interesting to bring in something unique to our meditation session that day.

I asked her if she had ever read the Lords Prayer in Aramaic, the language that Yeshua would have spoken while he was alive.

She hadn’t.

So I guided her into meditative stability and then read her seven different interpretations of the first line of the prayer. And asked her to meditate on those words. It’s a stunning and beautiful rendition of the Lords Prayer. A work of art that I humbly thank Neil Douglas-Klotz for sharing with the world in his book Prayers of the Cosmos. If you haven’t read it do yourself the favour and order it today.

After the meditation we talked about some of the teachings of Yeshua. I shared some insights with her and they helped give her clarity and peace.

We talked about her faith and how in her time of need when she yearned for guidance, support and really a kind shoulder to lean on after her brother died the priest at her local church brushed her off and told her to book an appointment. We talked about the church and how she still goes but she doesn’t really feel like she is getting the guidance and wisdom she needs to fully live her life.

As she was speaking to me that day something stirred inside me. I thought about her and all the people that she represents. Individuals that feel lost and alone. Good and honest human beings that resonate with Yeshua but are wandering in the dark.

My heart broke for her and the possible hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet that were just like her.

I felt that I could do something to help them. That I HAD to do something to help them.

But… And this was a big but.

My life was leading in me in a direction that had nothing to do with Christianity. I was going one way and this group of people seemed to be at the other end of that spectrum.

But still…

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was supposed to do something. I felt compelled. An energy and motivation welled up inside of me.

So I did something that maybe a lot of people do – I asked for a sign.

My highest ideal is to be of service and to help alleviate the suffering of the world in any way that I can. But I never imagined that would be helping people in the Christian faith.

So I pretty much said, “Master Yeshua, if this is something that you want me to do give me a sign.”

I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t just my ego talking to me. And I wanted to be sure that this new direction of my life and everything that it entailed was a mission that I was supposed to do.

So from the minute that this wonderful woman left me that afternoon until about mid-day the next day this was all that I thought about. That I would help in any way that I could but I needed some sort of reassurance that I was the guy for the task. I needed some sort of sign that I was on the right track.

The sign that I kind of expected to find was something like a crucifix on the floor or to be stopped by Jehovah’s witnesses or something along those lines.

What actually happened was something that I never could have imagined.

And as I sat down to meditate with a Tibetan Buddhist Master in a room within a church in Toronto this is what happened to me that day…

The Vision

I found myself in the desert at night.

The starlit sky seemed to go on forever.

I turned my head to the left and there was Master Yeshua, wearing a simple hooded robe beside me.

I felt a deep sense of peace, groundedness, strength and clarity in his presence.

He directed my gaze to a small city off in the distance in front of us.

In the middle of that city was a great majestic temple.

He then said to me, “Most people believe that God is only to be found within the temple.”

I turned back to look upon him as he spoke. “You must show them that the temple of God is within them.”

There was a light that began to sparkle within his eyes.

And then it was as if he drew me into his cosmic mind and universes emerged beyond measure.

Vast and limitless.

Beauty beyond words.

Then that magnificent effulgence dissolved into a brilliant blazing light that surrounded me on all sides.

It felt as if I had melted into that light.

And then emerging from that light was a symbol, a shape, the trinity in the form of a triangle.

And then I opened my eyes and knew what I was to do. 

That I was called to something greater than I ever imagined.