Please, please see it: everything is alive.
Great, great Alive.

This is the happiness of all happiness.

And this “now here” can never be destroyed.
The light of your eternal life is shining brightly, now.

What joy there is in this radiance!

Please, take care of yourself, your shining Buddha-self. Become ever more able to appreciate your Buddha-self.

That is not to say be arrogant.
There is nowhere anyone to feel small, no one to be made small, no one to feel superior, no one toward whom you could feel superior.

So who are you to feel vain and proud
when your very source is all being?

You are supported, you are nurtured,
you are guarded by all being.

Thanks to all being, together, one, is all the universe.

This breath is breathed, so close,
always one, always together.

Please never forsake the limitless treasure
which is you yourself.

Be in touch, simply do not look away.

Grasp nothing, hold nothing.

There is just now, here, fresh, new, alive.


Just do your practice with all good grace.

– Roshi Sama, Tangen Harada Roshi