Be introduced through this itself.

Come to a resolution through one thing.

Gain confidence through liberation.

-Garap Dorje

Longchenpa’s explanation from the Profound Quintessence:

In the main practice of the Great Perfection, one first receives introduction and then stabilizes this in one’s being. This involves two stages: introduction to the ground of breakthrough and introduction to the path of the direct leap.

Though there are many ways to illustrate this breakthrough, here I will use the final testament of the nirmanakaya buddha. These three statements that strike the vital point introduce one’s own awareness to be the pristine dharmakaya.

Be introduced through this itself.

Self-awareness has been empty and rootless from the very beginning. Like space, it is completely transparent throughout; it has no outside, inside, or in-between. Vivid, clear, and pristine, it is unestablished by its very essence, yet at the same time its radiance is unimpeded. This is original purity at its most fundamental, the bare empty awareness of the dharmakaya.

The Tantra of the Secret Sound states:

Without memories of the past or thoughts of the future,

Your mind, in this very present moment,

Is vibrantly awake, crystal clear, and vivid:

Recognize this to be the fourfold dharmakaya.

As stated here, simply observe your awareness in this very present moment, just as it is. It cannot be spoiled by the comings and goings of thoughts and memories, nor corrupted by ordinary thoughts of good and bad. There is something here that is at once both vivid, yet devoid of thoughts; devoid of thoughts, yet vivid.

In essence, this naked transparency is the dharmakaya; innate wisdom, free of elaborations; original purity, untainted by the mind’s stains; the state of primordial freedom, unbound by the fixation of meditative experiences — this is buddhahood, the ever-present dharmakaya.

Here one is introduced to this constant bare awareness through this very same awareness.

Come to a resolution through one thing.

Now, simply rest without distraction in what was just pointed out.

This is the wisdom mind of the dharmakaya buddhas Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri, the recognition of the great spontaneous presence of non-meditation.

With this decisive certainty, let yourself expand into the wide-open space of self-illuminating awareness.

Aside from simply resting in this spacious vast expanse, open and unrestricted, there isn’t the slightest trace of anything to meditate on here, nothing to think about or recollect, and nothing to pay attention to.

Simply relaxing and leaving your mind to itself is itself the wisdom mind of the dharmakaya, resting on its own.

Birthless by nature, it is a space-like state — the dharmakaya;

Original purity, where the mind has nothing to do.

In this very state, with nothing to look at or meditate on,

Just let be and rest spontaneously; don’t modify or spoil it.

Vivid nonmeditation, a state of bare, transparent awareness;

Effortless and brilliantly vivid, a state of relaxed, rootless wisdom;

Fixation free and crystal clear, a state without the slightest reference point;

Spacious empty clarity, a state wide-open and unconfined;

Spacious, free, and unbound, a state without fixation, the senses unfettered;

Relax, blissful and expansive; just let be in a state of innate spontaneous presence.

Rest like space, in vast empty clarity.
Rest like the sun, self-clarity without fixation.
Rest like the ocean, limpid and unmoving.
Rest like a mountain, without transition or change.

Rest in a state of empty clarity, brilliant and crystal clear.

Rest in a state of natural stillness, relaxed, free, and at ease.

Rest in a state of unreality, blank, illusive, open clarity.

Rest in a state of reality itself, expansive and all pervasive.

Rest in a state of natural presence, empty and still.

Rest in a state without root; don’t think, concentrate, be distracted, or meditate.

Crystal clarity without concept,

Unconstrained and unreal;

Utter relaxation without effort,

Completely clear with nothing left over;

Free and easy without meditation,

Be wholly at ease in your own being.

What one is resolving here is the wisdom mind. This absorption of non-meditation, transcending sessions and breaks, is a vast spontaneous presence. It is empty awareness, the resting place of original purity in which all ordinary phenomena have come to an end.

Gain confidence through liberation.

While resting in this manner, whatever fleeting memories and thoughts arise as the unimpeded avenue of manifestation, do not try to block them, do not pursue them, and do not use a remedy to do away with them.

Left in their own pristine state, the mind’s movements are pure. Whatever manifests is self-liberated.

Arising and liberation, moreover, are simultaneous; manifestation and liberation do not happen at different times.

The display dissolves into the ground, mother and son completely unite, and wisdom merges with the sphere of reality itself.

When the basis of thought meets the wisdom mind of primordial purity, everything is liberated into the sphere of reality itself, liberated like waves welling up from the ocean, then dissolving back into it.

By recognizing the fundamental ground of liberation the very instant something manifests, one gains confidence through liberation.

Since it has been there from the very start, it is liberated all at once.

Since it manifests on its own, it is liberated on its own.

Since it is without reference point, it is liberated without fixation.

Since it is free of partiality, it is liberated without bias.

Since it is self-liberated, it is liberated as whatever manifests.

Since it is as it is, it is liberated immediately.

Since the display is its own, it is liberated in and of itself.

The self-radiance of the empty essence manifests as knowledge, the display of awareness. This manifestation is liberated within the abode of the originally pure dharmakaya.

The four times gather into the mandala of reality, becoming of one taste—the wisdom mind in which wisdom and the sphere of reality neither meet nor part.

Whatever manifests bursts forth as the play of wisdom, bringing a newfound confidence in wisdom beyond mind, knowledge beyond intellect, and dharmakaya beyond the universal ground.

In knowing the essence to be primordially liberated, you will be confident that there is nothing to liberate again.

In knowing the nature to be thoroughly liberated, you will be confident that there is nothing to liberate with antidotes.

In knowing compassion to be self-liberated, you will be confident that liberation does not take place in time.

In knowing reality to be directly liberated, you will be confident that appearances and mind are liberated in nonduality.

In knowing characteristics to be self-liberated, you will be confident that liberation is not something to do; it requires no effort or strain.

Hence, since the display is liberated by virtue of the ground, the stronghold is seized in the majestic fortress of the dharmakaya.

On this point, the Tantra of Penetrating Sound explains:

The statement “one’s own mind is liberated”
Does not imply that one thing transforms into another.
The mind is not something to be freed by something else.
It is perfect from the ground up, hence it does not come or go.

If you analyze, you won’t find it; it has no rational proof. It is empty clarity, devoid of basis or root.

Since this nature, which itself abides as self-clarity, is liberated through a vital point, it has no partiality or bias.

Since it is liberated of time, there is no basis on which it depends.

Since it is liberated without effort, there is nothing to work at or achieve.

Here, the liberation brought about by this confidence is a primordial liberation; there is no basis for it to be liberated again.

It is self-liberated and thus needs no remedy.

It is directly liberated, dissolving right where it is seen.

It is thoroughly liberated, so there is no need for effort and strain.

In this way, your own awareness is pointed out to be the dharmakaya; its inherent radiance is resolved to be the wisdom mind; and you then gain confidence in the original purity of liberation upon manifestation.

Through these three, you are introduced directly to the the primordial ground of original purity, with a mind-set carefree in the face of whatever manifests and in no need of remedies.

The Last Testament concludes:

All that appears and exists manifests as the realm of the dharmakaya.

These manifestations are liberated in and of themselves.

The intent of all the buddhas comes down to just this.

]amgon Kongtrul’s explanation from Pristine Advice:

Having set the stage with the practice of guru yoga, the nirmanakaya buddha’s Three Statements That Strike the Vital Point can be used to realize that one’s very own awareness is the pristine dharmakaya.

Be introduced through this itself.

In this very present moment, consciousness is unfabricated and unspoiled; it needs no antidote. In essence, awareness is unidentifiable. It is not established as a conceptual label. This empty clarity is beyond thoughts, memories, and conceptual mind. Recognize this open clarity of awareness to be the wisdom mind of the originally pure dharmakaya—self-occurring wisdom.

Come to a resolution through one thing.

The dharmakaya dwells in a motionless state, a fourth aspect free of three. This is the wisdom mind that transcends the conceptual consciousness. Past thoughts and memories have already ceased, and future ones have yet to arise. In this present moment, consciousness is wholly unfabricated and untainted, while the radiance of awareness is unimpeded. Rest in this state as though you are leaving a glass of murky water to clear all on its own. Don’t obscure your awareness with intentional effort, but do not slip into a state of distraction either. Simply rest naturally in this ordinary awareness—awake, pristine, clear, and ineffable.

Gain confidence through liberation.

When resting in this state, awareness will be naturally limpid and free from complexity, like a clear ocean. Even if ordinary consciousness radiates outwards towards objects, its own manifestations will be self-liberated like waves dissolving back into the ocean. When something manifests, don’t be distracted, but don’t change anything or spoil it either. Simply let go and relax. Thoughts and memories will disappear without a trace. Experiences will dissolve into the ground. This is what we call “self-liberation.” Here one gains confidence in self-manifestation, free from bias and fixation, effort, judgments, and antidotes. – Zen Buddhism and more!!!

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