What are you waiting for?

Everything to be just right?

The stars to align?

That one nod of validation?

The words of approval from someone you respect?

All of these things are really just aspects of your own fears and doubts.

That critical mind that tears you apart. That mind that compares you and contrasts you with everyone and everything else within the world.

That mind that sets up unfair, unhealthy and unrealistic standards that you must be living up to immediately.

That mind always sets you up to fail because that mind is looking for perfection.

Drop your perfect. Drop the pressure. Drop the constant criticism of yourself.

Perfection is found in the muck and mess of the present moment.

It’s found in the good enough.

It’s found in the release, the letting go, the allowing.

We get paralyzed because we’re afraid of being judged.

You’re gonna be judged no matter what you do.

And for the people that need you, that need what you’re offering to us, it doesn’t really matter if it’s 100% perfect.

What matters is that you’re here, that you’re present to us, to this moment, to the messy miracle of life that’s showing up in front of you now.

Calling you to dance with it.

Whispering to you to put down your should’s and shouldn’ts and just flow freely into the infinity of the immediacy of life.

What are you waiting for…?

Join the dance.


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