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The Awakened PodcastWhat is this?

Student: Things are happening and things are moving along in my life and I’m pretty happy. I feel settled and if I could pinpoint one thing, I see I can’t, because there’s so many factors, other factors that have come into it. And I think more so – just making a conscious decision to just be happy. It’s like that gentlemen we just saying – just be in the moment and just stay there. And all this peripheral stuff that happens that’s really insignificant in the scheme of things. And accept that.

Zen master e: Yeah. So in zen we talk about just this.

Just this.

Just this. Whatever is arising is arising for you, from you, is you, as you.

All of these things are too much, too much.

Just this.

If every moment is just this – fresh alive and new, and is uncoloured by your bias, uncoloured by your expectations, uncoloured by your hopes, your fears, whatever your barfing all over this moment.

Any moment that you arrive in is beautiful, even when it’s a catastrophe.

And any moment that you arrive in, then you are free. And then a responsiveness arises a responsiveness that’s coming from this boundless place that isn’t bound by any rules. Any place that has, “Oh this is how I should be acting in this moment, speaking in this moment.” Everything like this right, there’s no constraints.

It’s easy in this place.

And this isn’t a place that we can get to.

You’re already there.

And the “practice” and the “teachings” and everything like that strips away everything that’s clouding that over.

Your conditioning. Society’s conditioning, your family upbringing, your gender, right, your heritage.

All this garbage that’s thrown on top of it.

Most of us go through our lives, ruled by all of this stuff. Conforming to all of this. Just flowing right into it without even asking, “Huh? Why? What is this life? What am I? What am I here for? What does it mean to be a good human life? To have a good human life? What is this?”

This was like one of the first Zen koans.

What is this?

This is a great koan as well.

What is this?

You look at this teapot. Yeah, you’re done. You think you’ve seen this teapot.

What is this?

And if you keep looking at this teapot the whole universe unfolds before you.

What is this?

And then we think that this is just a teapot.

This is a planter.

Think of, like think about right now, think about three different things that this tea pot can be.

Student: Paint

Zen master e: you can hold painted it and use it? Oh, it has paint? Oh yeah look! Like there was an artist there’s, there was a painter that worked on this. So the painters here with us.

Yeah go.

Student: a drinking vessel

Zen master e: We can just have water in it. Right? It doesn’t have to be tea. I actually have some alcohol in here right now.

How about you what do you say?

Student: A container to hold a sugar scrub actually.

Zen master e: Oh yeah?

Student: It sounds so so crazy but that’s exactly. That is it. That’s what I need. Thank you. Yeah.

Zen master e: You! What do you see?

Student: When she said paint the first thing I thought was painting with it.Like filling it up with paint and just pouring it over the canvas.

Zen master e: Oh yeah! Do you see how you think this is a tea pot? We all think this is a tea pot. This is even just barely scratching the surface of “What is this?”

Anything right?

I remember one time I was hanging out in Vancouver, a buddy of mine had moved out to Vancouver, and I went out to visit him out there, and I almost got sucked into Vancouver, so beautiful out there. So beautiful. And so all of us that were in this house, I don’t really call myself a musician, I just show up and I do stuff, right, and I’m not very good at it, but everybody in this house was like, like, really good musicians.

And so then what we did was we played a game to not play any of our “traditional” quote unquote instruments and we played the house. The house became our instrument, because we were no longer fixed by the rules of “house” and “house” could only do certain things, and that certain thing is for us to live in it.

So we were free, and in that freedom, because we were free of the rules. This beautiful music arose. This togetherness arose. This beautiful moment. That can only come together with just this.

Just allowing this to be this.

The seeing it freshly.

This tea pot. There’s different even levels. But even on that surface.

What is this? You say a word and you’ve missed it. You don’t say anything and you’re…

This is the conundrum. Zen forces you into this awkward place. If you say something you’ve missed it, you’ve locked it, you reified it as a teapot. Now it can only be a teapot. And your mind will be like teapot, teapot teapot teapot teapot teapot. “Ah! When I see this shape, I know.”

Because the mind, the small mind needs to categorize all of life. Right, needs to put it into tidy little boxes. Friend or Foe. Want or don’t want. Label. I can’t just sit in the unknown,

Zen gets you to be totally comfortable in the unknown.

In the not knowing.

In the don’t know.

Because this is your truth.

We think we know something. We know nothing. You know nothing. Just get comfortable knowing nothing, and you’re free. Right. You are free.

So this happiness that you’re feeling. Right. And you said I liked how you said you can’t really pinpoint one thing, because there was a myriad of things that you had to keep undoing. And some of them you called “practice”.

But the biggest one is that you got comfortable being in that spaciousness, that was free and boundless, and in that place, clear seeing is just a natural state of being, open heartedness is just a natural state of being and natural spontaneous… Guess what I’m going to say? Is the natural state.

Student: And the thing is I liked it. I like it.

zen master e: It’s great. And that’s why I do what I do, I want everybody to feel this. I want everybody to live, and act and do everything from this place.

Then purpose is clear right before you. The purpose of your life is right there. How can you miss it? It’s all around you.


But it gets covered over, covered over with this knowing. Right. You need to know.

Right. Sally’s a girl. She’s this age, so automatically we’re categorizing, limiting, boxing. So Sally’s world can only fit within this little pinprick of a spot.

But you’re blowing the roof right off of that. Hey! Why you keep binding me down.

I’m total freedom and bliss spontaneously.

And we get comfortable there more and more

And we’re happy because we’re no longer chasing outside of ourselves for happiness.

The good tea, good and bad is all whatever biases right?

Yeah yeah we need some choices and preferences and everything like this right.

But you need to see how all of these choices and preferences and likes and don’t likes and hard…

Is screwing up your life man.

Because you’re making choices from a place that you don’t even know about. And this place is wrapped around this idea of an “I”. And the story of “I” is everything is about me then. And I need to get everything I need to get for myself. I need to protect myself there’s only… All this story, wrapped up around an “I”.

So you’re losing “I”, and in losing “I” you’re gaining everything.

And it’s beautiful.

And as crazy thing – as you lose “I” the greatest aspect of Sally is coming through now. The full potential of Sally is coming through in your words, in your deeds, in your thoughts.

And before maybe we’ve got to work on it. Right. That’s why we choose precepts. We do the precepts – take them on, right, because we need to steer this habit energy from going this way
to move it over to here.

So this is good. That’s beautiful. This is why I do what I do.

Because imagine from this, you’re loving this place right? This home? You’re coming home. Right. And why wouldn’t you want everybody here?

Because from here then, everything is richer, everything is more beautiful and everything is about everything.

There is no separation then, because the “I” is gone. The “I” is blocking everything out. The “I” only sees the world as what I want, what I can get?

Not what I can give? Why I’m here to help? Who I’m here to serve?

These aren’t questions the “I” asks. No. No.

So this is good. This is good. And this, these things, this deep, happiness, has always been there. We cannot say that the practices generated this happiness. No,

Removed everything that was covering it over.

It’s always been there.

Always been there.

Like we talked about – you’re on the beach – Mojito mind, remember that one? Yeah, that gives you… You can taste it, you know, that get’s you close to that experience when you’re on the beach, everybody’s looking after you, does jerk you come out? No problem. This gives you a glimpse of the latent potential within you.

And this is good right so now you’re starting to see from this place more, so you can see, when the other place that includes “I” is dominating the conversation, is dominating the thoughts, is dominating your actions, because then you’ll find it, because you’re bearing down on the moment you have to control it, you have to conform to it, you have to make everything happen in a certain way in a certain process in a certain function.

Nature doesn’t give a crap. It’s doing what it’s doing. Natural. This is us we coming back home, because we are unnatural right now.

The whole world is unnatural.

This is beautiful. It’s beautiful. And then from this place, then we get to bring that blessing to other people. Just from our presence, from our mannerisms, the words that flow out of us, right. The whole space, about us, affects, because all of this is you, emanating out and rippling back in.

And at the center of it, at the true centre, all of it is just vast open spaciousness.

This place. This is, you come back home, the great remembering because we’ve forgotten.

Society is structured in such a way that nobody knows this – well maybe some. And maybe you have the good karma that you have a teacher that comes into your life, you have a teaching that shows up, a book or a moment that shows up that rips you out of yourself, that shows you a different potential. Maybe you have the good karma, where you meet a group and that group meets regularly. This is a blessing it helps you remember even more. It helps to still the currents of karma that are whipping you about, whipping you about.

Because wouldn’t it be nice to be free?

We can all be free.

And this is the place right this is one of the, one of the things I got, like, oh my god. Yeah, “Imagine we all just worked from this place.”

That would be amazing right?

And that’s what set me off going, “Yeah, I’m going to do it!”

Then it’s just no problem. Like, it didn’t matter what got in the way then. Clear goal. That’s why when you know you’re asking what’s your, what, why do you sit? What’s your clear direction? To save all beings.

If you have this, “To save all beings!”

Then it’s easy then. Yeah, it’s easy. Then your direction is clear. Everything you do is clear then.

Everything that arises is to help you bring out Buddha you.

Because the energy patterns and the story society tells you is no not Buddha Claudia. Petty angry. Claudia. Right. Yeah, that’s good. You should get offended about. That’s ridiculous.

And when you don’t respond from that place people don’t understand, “How can you not be mad about this? Frustrated about this? Upset about this? Happy about this? Sad about this?

I’m just tired of being whipped about by these emotions and these things. These hooks.

So it’s beautiful. Beautiful to be in that. To get back home to that. You’re already there, covered over by all this stuff.

And more and more it snowballs and ripples out everywhere to everyone that you meet. They see it, they feel it. And they know something. Something’s different over there

Somebody’s always looking at you. And everybody is caught up in pain and suffering and they don’t even know it. Or they cover it up with drugs and alcohol and food and sex and everything in there. Name it, it’s there. So they don’t truly see that they’re suffering and hurting in the same way.

But when they feel you walk by, see you walk by they know something’s different about that person.

We become a safe harbor. A safe space for potential. Like we said, like a lighthouse shining a light on the world.

And our own embodiment of truth is that message, is that thing that, (makes ringing bell sound) that rings the bell to be heard all around us.

Say we got a little like a little bell, right, you have this little bell. Who cares what the size of the bell is just ring the goddamn bell.

Yeah, and just let it sing it’s song. Let it sing.

Okay, good. You guys want to meditate?

Yeah. Okay.