“Be mindful of the breath.” 

All over the world Meditation teachers from every background use the breath as a tool and anchor while we sit.

And thousands of times throughout the day teachers say to their students, “Be mindful of the breath.” 

But have we ever really explored the breath and the wisdom that it shares with us freely each and every day.

It’s a silent and patient teacher with so much to show us…

The Wisdom of the Breath

The breath is our anchor. Keeping us safe and secure when the sea of our thoughts rage and swell. When a thought arises we gently bring our awareness back to the breath anchored in the stillness of the present moment.

The breath is our medicine, soothing and healing our suffering. With every rise and fall of the breath we release ourselves deeper into the present moment. Letting go of the past and the future. All there is, is the breath flowing in and flowing out. 

The breath is our life-line, something for us to grab a hold of so we do not become carried away by our turbulent mind. We hold onto the breath with deep gratitude and thanks, appreciating this beautiful moment.

The breath is wise, flowing in and out whether we watch it or not. Reminding us that there is a deeper wisdom at work within us. An inherent possibility that is revealed to us with each and every breath.

The breath connects us to each other and all the world. From my breath, to the air we share, to the winds that blow across the lands. We are called to the remembrance of our oneness with each breath.

The breath teaches us about the preciousness of this human life. That at any moment our life may end. That there is no promise that this breath won’t be our last. So we cherish our life, understanding the fragility of it and see the miracle that our lives truly are.

We see now the importance of this practice, this moment and each and every breath we breathe.

Keep being Buddhaful!