By settling your body, speech, and mind effortlessly and loosely, between the cessation of past thought consciousness and the arising of future thoughts, luminous, nonconceptual consciousness is the ground.

By fixing your gaze luminously and unwaveringly on that, with no object of observation or observer, if you experience clear emptiness, free of conceptual elaboration and devoid of all identity, that is the identification of rigpa.

If that does not arise, there is no recognition.

By resting like that, if dualistic thoughts suddenly emerge, that is samsara; and the entire phenomenal world is nothing other than apparitions of ideation.

If ideation is dissolved, nirvana is not to be sought elsewhere; for the clear light of your own mind is Buddha.

By observing whatever thoughts arise, a clear emptiness without a trace becomes distinct, and that is nirvana.

Gyatonpa Chokyi Zangpo