Resting In the Radiance Pointing Out Instructions Meditation

Rest in the Radiance

Look at your own mind

Not the petty and peculiar thoughts that come and go like clouds in the sky

Look at the sky like nature of the mind that knows.

That’s your true self. That’s the true mind. That’s the buddha.

You yourself a buddha have been running around looking for a buddha not realizing how funny it is to see a buddha searching for buddha.

Sit quietly for a moment, let your breathing fall naturally and rest there like nothing special is going on, utterly at ease and relaxed then look at the fundamental nature of your own mind.

The pure illuminating suchness.

This is the mind seal that the patriarchs have alluded to.

Look and see what you find.

To help you recognize your own self nature – when you have settled in and thoughts have subsided can you notice a perfect pristine clarity that is aware?


Stay in that and see for yourself if…

It’s a perfect clarity that is unchanging and the same whether in the past present of future

Since nothing blocks it its nature is everywhere

It has no bound or limit so it is boundless

It is beyond birth and death so it is free

Nothing can hold it so it is liberated

It illuminates everything so it is luminous

It is stable and even so it is peaceful

It’s all encompassing so nothing is left out

Nothing can cut it so it is indestructible

Nothing can stain it so it is stainless

It’s crystal clear so it is clarity

Everything arises from it so it is the origin

Everything returns to it so it is the end of it all

But it itself is beyond beginning and end

It is open and available

Radiant and clear

Free of ideas of pure and impure

Beyond concepts and conundrums

It is without location but is found everywhere

It is beyond any idea of individual self but is found in everyone

It is the seer, the seen and the space in between

Rest in the radiance of your own awareness

Remain undistracted in the great remembering.

You are the Buddha!!!

It’s not a matter of belief it’s just a matter of turning yourself around and looking at what’s looking.

There’s no other practice than this.

Just rest and release into what you already are.

So easy.

So effortless.

Let go and rest.

Rest in the radiance.